Friday, July 11, 2008

M-10 Simple Simon

M-10 Simple Simon
Ah, an easy 9 patch. It's interesting to see how much I have improved over the years. I started quilting somewhere about the middle of 2006, so about 2 years ago. I am happy to say that my 1/4 inch seam is now pretty consistent. I remember when getting the corners to line up in 9 patches seemed like the hardest thing to do. Thankfully this one went together very easily and I am glad to see that all the quilting classes I have taken over the past two years have helped.

The fabric is another Kaffe Fassett, yet another one that I have had in my stash with no idea how to use. This one is Holiday Beach Balls, and while I love all of his fabrics and his wonderful color combinations, it has been hard for me to break out of my love of simple designs made with linen or just white fabric. I feel like a lot of his quilts show off and play with the color in his wonderful fabrics, while the designers (such as Denyse Schmidt) I was originally drawn to use plain fabrics to show off clean designs. Perhaps a Kaffe Fassett inspired quilt is in order?



African Kelli said...

Sweet precision there Lynn! I am so horrific at keeping my seams even. This really impresses me!

RobinE said...

I'm loving the fabrics you're choosing for your Dear Jane! This block is wonderful (and those seams are perfect!). :)

Jacquie said...

Great job on both of these blocks.