Friday, December 14, 2007

Pink Box Quilt

So I finally got to see it. My small quilt group joined in the challenge at our local quilting guild. We got a box of fabrics, and had to make a twin sized quilt with what was inside. Holly and Cheri had this fabulous floral pattern all picked out, but when they opened the box, it was race cars and rainbows! They had to do a quick change to the pattern, and here is what we ended up with:
Challenge Box Quilt
I think it turned out so well. I love it. And I think the quilt recipient will love it too. The blocks I did are in the lower left hand corner. Cheri and Holly really did a lot of work on the border and the quilting. See that black checkered inner border? That's pieced. 1 inch squares! AMAZING.

There was vote to see which quilt was everyone's favorite. We didn't win the prize, but really, I think we did the best job incorporating all the fabrics into one cohesive quilt. The winning quilt had what I will call "easy" fabrics, gorgeous greens and purples (and florals!) but it was really a beautiful quilt as well. And if I didn't make this quilt I'd probably vote for the pretty one too!! :)

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Tree Number Two!

Ok, yes this has taken a long time to post about, but here it is anyway...
Christmas Tree 2007
Tada! This is our first year having a little tree. This one's only about 4 feet tall and is sitting in our french window. This so hard to get a good photo of, especially since it's up against my natural light source. So you are stuck with this blurry shot. I think it's cute. My dad is sad that it's so small.

So I have been absent recently because today is my last day of my class (I'm waiting for something to finish running, not really a good sign), but while procrastinating on finishing my project, I made this little cutie:
Piggy side
There are definitely going to be changes next time I make him, most obvious of which is getting better beads for his eyes. I think they make him look seedy, which is appropriate because they are seed beads!
piggy front

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Tree number one...

Starbucks Advent close up
How awesome is this? I've been loving all the advents floating around blogland, but didn't have the time (or didn't have the foresight to start making one in July), so here is what I have. It's an advent tree from Starbucks filled with chocolate truffles. Now I'm not really a Starbucks fan (or coffee), but I went with my quilt group on Saturday to Starbucks and saw it there and loved it so much that on Sunday, after visiting another Starbucks looking for the tree and not finding it, I drove to the much further away Starbucks I visited on Saturday to buy it. And let me tell you, this thing makes me so happy.
Starbucks advent tree
Post coming soon about tree number two...