Tuesday, February 24, 2009

TR-5 Michigan Dunes

TR-5 Michigan Dunes
So I've never been to Michigan, but I imagine it with lakes, not dunes. I guess that's why I chose this teal color for this block.

The fabric is a fat quarter from the Granary, Etching in Turquoise from the Amelia Collection by Timeless Treasures.



jenny said...

You're making great progress on the quilt!

Michigan sand dunes are crazy, entirely unlike what you might see along the Atlantic Ocean.

They can be huge, like this:

Sara said...

It's true....we had dunes on Lake Michigan. They are actually really cool!

Adrienne said...

The Michigan Dunes are fabulous, especially Warren Dunes state park. And I am not at all partial to them because that's where I got engaged...

Rebekah said...

you'll have to come visit the Great Lakes state soon. Detroit is pretty lame, but the dunes and wildlife and scenery in the northern and western part of the state are amazing!

Beautiful block :)

Lynn said...

WOW! Now those are sand dunes! Who knew? Apparently you 4!