Tuesday, March 17, 2009

F-13 Tour de France

F-13 Tour de France
When I hear "Tour de France", I immediately think of the bike race. But literally translated, it means Tour of France. I really enjoyed Paris when I visited. I won't say France, because I am sure that other parts of the country are very different from the capital city, but still, Paris was amazing. The Eiffel tower was as wonderful as I had imagined. The food was fantastic. And I don't think the people were rude either. It was amazing to just walk around the city and museums and take in all the culture. I think my favorite part of that city was going to Centre Pompidou and seeing the paintings by Vassily Kandinsky. He became my favorite painter during my college years and I even had a poster of one of his paintings in my room.

This block was made from a charm square of Anna Maria Horner's Polka Line in Raspberry from her Garden Party line. I used the freezer paper on the inside method for this block.



flanthrower said...

Love this block! Wow, can I just say that I think your blocks are looking better and better? I'm definitely seeing little improvements with each posting!

Becky said...

Beautiful Block. LOVE the colour of that fabric