Thursday, November 19, 2009

RS-2: Cherokee Lee

RS-2: Cherokee Lee
This block was fun to make. I don't know if I'm tired of the tiny pieces, but this one was nice and straight forward with wide columns. I've recently switched from using freezer paper to paper piece to using paper piecing stuff. I do not like the "paper" I'm using now, and will be switching to Carol Doak's paper after I finish up this (thankfully) small pack. It's hard to tear off, and sometimes I accidentally remove my stitches near the edges.

Today is also Lucy's birthday! She's 2 today! It has been an interesting year. I feel like she has become more scared of other dogs, and would rather play fetch than with other dogs. She has become more cuddly as it's become colder, and can be counted on as a heater under the bed covers. She is still a funny funny dog.

Fabric is Clouds in Sunset from Nest by Tula Pink for Moda.



Rebekah said...

very cute. This design is striking and the fabric looks great with it.

byneedleandthread said...

happy birthday lucy! love your hat(s)!
still loving your jane! i need to work on mine.