Tuesday, February 24, 2009

RS-9 Danish Delight

RS-9 Danish Delight
When I was making this block I was imagining all sorts of candies (in fact I was eating frosting from the tub at the time) but I realize now that I was thinking of Turkish Delight. Not sure what Danish Delight is, but this block was fun to make.

Paper pieced with freezer paper, fabric from the Granary with just enough information on the selvedge to google the answer. It's by Timeless Treasures. Big leaves in green from the Amelia Collection.



shaolinhoward said...

aww, i thought this was something edible.

Junie Moon said...

It does look yummy but also complicated. Your effort looks so professional. I like Timeless Treasures fabrics and used some the other day to make a baby blanket.