Friday, February 20, 2009

L-7 Town Square

L-7 Town Square
I've been knocking out the easy squares lately. This one was also paper pieced, and the precut freezer paper sheets are genius. The fabric is another Heather Ross fabric from her Mendocino line. Probably something like seahorses in gold. I like to imagine the seahorses are gathering in Town Square for the town meeting. What orderly seahorses!

My paper piecing skills are really improving with this quilt. I just have to remember to take the time to breathe and actually look at what I am piecing together! And maybe get a cleaner iron...



Junie Moon said...

You're zipping through these blocks and each one is such a delight. I am completely entranced with the idea of "orderly seashorses". What a beautiful image.

Sara said...

I am really intrigued by the Dear Jane quilt. I'm tempted and intimidated. I really do not like hand piecing and since I've discovered paper piecing I have been staying away from templates. What resources are you using the your project? Is there a particular book/cd? Can you paper piece most of the blocks?
Sorry for all the questions. Your blog posts w/ the blocks has inspired me to maybe give this a go myself.