Monday, August 4, 2008

B-7 World Series

B-07 World Series
Although this block is very similar to A-3 Hunter's Moon, I found this one much harder. Those little diamonds drove me crazy! I need to figure out a better applique method. Currently I am using the freezer paper method, in which I cut the shape out of freezer paper and use my needle to turn under the seam allowance as I get to it. But my points are all fuzzy!

Other than that, I do love this block. The fabric is from the Granary, bought specifically in mind to be a yellow block for my Dear Jane quilt.

Now if the Oakland A's could just start playing better. Unfortunately they probably won't be heading to the World Series this year, but they are still my team! I didn't start enjoying baseball until the summer after I graduated college (2005), but I love going to games now! It's funny, people say "Oh, you're a baseball fan?" I always answer "No, I'm an Oakland A's fan." And it's so true. Ask me about any other team and I probably won't know anything.



Adrienne said...

I love watching the progress of your quilt, even though my only experience with quilt squares was one summer when I was 10. Love the colors in this one. What a great project! Also, I totally feel you on the baseball thing... die hard St. Louis Cardinals fan here, who knows NOTHING about anything else baseball related.

Sew Create It - Jane said...

Another nice one! I found this one tricky.

RobinE said...

I find pointy-points incredibly exasperating, and (so far) completely unattainable. Yours look awfully good though! I love the plaid in this block. So pretty.

Jenna Z said...

I know it's not very traditional but I LOVE Sharon Malec's free-standing applique techinigue! Cut your piece, clip and turn edges, (option to glue them down with glue stick which I always do because I only make wall hangings but I wouldn't for a usable quilt), and the nicely finished piece to block. Voila!