Thursday, March 19, 2009

I-3 Family Album

I-3 Family Album
I really really really like how this block turned out. I feel like it's looking out a window onto some beautiful scenery. It's just so calming. And it's fitting that it's a paint by numbers fabric, because I feel like it's like a beach or something I would watercolor.

The fabric is from Jacquie via the Common Threads Quilting Bee. She sent this fabric (Day Dream in sky from Erin Michael's Lush line for Moda) as part of the fabric we were to make her blocks out of. I had this piece left over, and loved it so much that I kept it to use for a Dear Jane block. Thanks Jacquie! The block is freezer paper pieced.

Edit: Updated 3/23 because I realized that the borders are supposed to be the main fabric, not white! I still love it!



Lunden said...

This is gorgeous! I love how you used the little leftover scrap.