Friday, March 13, 2009

Quilting Bee Updates

I made another block for the Bee Inspired Quilting Bee. This one is for Dianah, who is making a quilt of vacation homes. This one was different from the rest of the blocks I've made because she supplied us with a pattern and the fabric. I think the houses will be cute together. She sent me a striped brown fabric and a leafy fabric, so I imagine this vacation home is a log cabin with a thatched roof.
Dianah's Tropical Log Cabin
Also, I am going to be sending out my fabric for Chaletgirl's Block Swap today. This is the nine patch swap that I mentioned before. I am using Anna Maria Horner's Fortune in Sea, from her Good Folks line. There is something that I really like about this line of fabric. I think it will make interesting nine-patches, as it is a pretty large print.
Anna Maria Horner Good Folks Fortune in Sea
I am so excited for these swaps! Hurray!


Momoo said...

Wow, 3 quilt groups! You must be very busy quilting. Looking forward to seeing your squares for Common Threads to be completed. Like your fabric choices.

Junie Moon said...

I love all the fabrics you're posting, each one is so enticing! Makes me want to run out to the fabric store.