Saturday, August 3, 2013

Catty Bombshell

I sewed my first swimsuit! It's the bombshell swimsuit from Closet Case Files. I was doubtful it would turn out so it's full of mistakes but it turned out pretty ok.  Heather did a fantastic sewalong to accompany it so there is plenty of help.

I cut a size 12 and removed 1.5 inches from the length. Next time I will make the elastic around the top a little tighter since there is a little bit of gappage around my cleavage area. Nothing too bad but it would sit a little better. 

I was also too lazy to change my serger thread color so it shows up, especially when wet.  I used a cheap swimsuit fabric from Joann's and a swimsuit lining.  The red leopard print is fun, but I have doubts on how long it will last.  It's already pilling a little bit from the prewash.  

However saying all that, it fits well and I don't feel self conscious for showing too much skin at baby showers and work events.  Working with knits really is forgiving so this is much easier than it looks!

I will definitely be making another one in the future. My husband says this is the kind of suit that girls like and guys don't but even he said this one was flattering :)