Tuesday, November 17, 2009

C-13: Lakota Sioux

C-13: Lakota Sioux
Ah, the last block of row 3! At this point I officially have 3 rows done. Feels nice! This block is funny because it uses two different fabrics. I had a hard time centering the seahorses, but they turned out more natural because they look like they're floating. The mermaid head on the bottom was a nice accident. I paper pieced the block, and looking at it now I could have easily swapped the order of the center piece to make placement of the seahorses easier. Oh well.

Fabric is from Heather Ross' Mermaid in Blush from the Mendocino line. The accent yellow squares are scraps from Heather Ross tadpoles.



ConnieB/CA said...

So glad you are working on your baby Jane. I love your fabric choices! Almost to that magic 100 blocks done (and you even have some tris done too). I didn't start working on the tris until I had most of the blocks done. That was a mistake, which you are not making :)

Anonymous said...

oh i absolutely adore this block! i love the way your blocks really use and feature the prints.