Sunday, March 8, 2009

L-1 Widow's Pane

L-1 Widow's Pane
Another nice and easy freezer paper pieced block. The fabric is from the Granary, and it's Bunny Buds on Stems in the green colorway by In the Beginning Fabrics. I think it's so cute.

The neighborhood of the house where I grew up was known as the "bunny neighborhood". We used to have escaped pet bunnies running around, and it was not uncommon to see bunnies scampering across the front lawn. They were very cute, but it made it a bit difficult to go rollerblading with my Samoyed, Sunny. Whenever she saw a bunny, she would take off after it, even if I was holding the other end of the leash.



Lisa said...

I LOVE that fabric!