Thursday, March 19, 2009

M-8 Enchanted Square

M-8 Enchanted Square
When I was younger, I loved math puzzles and "magic squares" where you had to put the right numbers in the right places. I find it funny that I'm not really a fan of Sudoku. This block reminded me of those math problems. How many squares to you see in this picture? Something about it being enchanted really makes me happy.

The fabric is from my Half Moon Bay quilt, which was made out of Sonnet by April Cornell for Moda. This particular one was something like orange polka dots, but I see it more of a salmon color. I used it as the binding on my quilt. Block was freezer paper pieced, and I am thrilled with the results.



Junie Moon said...

I love the puzzle-quality of this block, too. It's amazing to me how many blocks you get made, makes me feel like a slug about my own efforts which I'm re-thinking anyway because all of yours look so fabulous.

Sarah said...

i really like this one. perfect fabric for it. I'm always so happy to see your new blocks. you are keeping me going!