Saturday, November 17, 2012

Ruby Star Wrapping: 5 Minute Party Pouch

Wow this week I procrastinated on my project for the Ruby Star Wrap Along

Ruby Star Wrap-Along

Good thing I decided to make the 5 Minute Party Pouch!
5 minute bag with yarn tie
I followed the example here and made it out of one big rectangle.  Even with having to search for a needle for my sewing machine, this took less than 5 minutes.
Lucy wants to know what's inside
It was really quick and easy.  I can see myself whipping these up for baked goods in the future instead of going to the store and buying cellophane bags.  It's Lucy's birthday soon, so she's checking out presents :)

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Ruby Star Wrap Along: Chinese Takeout Boxes

Have you seen the newest book from Melody Miller? I saw it featured on Rashida's blog, and immediately pre-ordered it. And now there's a sew along with awesome prizes!

Ruby Star Wrap-Along

The book is really fantastic, but I had other projects on my mind, so this sew along is perfect.  As long as I make a few things during the sew along I'll have some wrappings ready for the holidays!

This week on the sew along Anna made these really cute chinese takeout boxes.  She said it was easy, so I decided to try it.

Ruby Star Wrapping Christmas Chinese Takeout!

They really were easy.  I forgot how fun hot glue guns are!  The best part about this project is that I used scraps.  These were all scraps from my Christmas quilt I made a few years ago.

Chinese take out boxes

I have this crazy idea to start making pom poms to use instead of bows since I'm not knitting much anymore, but couldn't get it to work out quite right with these boxes.  I think I need smaller pom poms!

Close up of pom!

In summary, these boxes were really easy.  I think the hardest part was making sure the interfacing fused completely with the fabric.  I think they'll be perfect for packing some cookies or spiced nuts or caramels (!!) for the holidays.  Even Lucy was intrigued by them.  She kept trying to see what was inside :)

Lucy doesn't think it's Christmas time yet

Friday, October 5, 2012

Quilt for Popo

Last weekend was Popo's 93rd birthday party.  I'm similar to her in that we both do not like being hot.  However, recently I've noticed that she likes to have a blanket covering her legs in her wheelchair sometimes.  So... for her 93rd birthday I decided to make  her a quilt!

Summer Sampler Series Front for Popo

This is the Summer Sampler Series Quilt Along quilt.  It was really fun to make.  I have to say that I am much happier now that I know what settings to put my machine on for a scant quarter inch.  My points don't all match up perfectly, but it's nice to look at this quilt and see how far I've progressed.

Summer Sampler Series Back for Popo

I used Quilter's Dream cotton batting request loft.  I love this stuff!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Chambray Washi

Alright, here is my first wearable washi.
Chambray Washi Front - Help with Darts?
Not bad, right?  I also look pretty proud of myself.
Chambray Washi Back

Alright, first I have to say this is a fantastic pattern.  Rae clearly spent a lot of time on the pattern, and it's made very well.  I used her video tutorial to do the partial lining, and it's awesome.  When Rae was making the pattern, she mentioned that she was trouble with the darts.  I should have known it would cause me trouble too!

This is my 3rd Washi.  I will put on the other ones on at a later date and show you, but I had a problem with the shirring.  I used a small stitch length, so when I tried to put it on, the back did not stretch back to the original width!  Once it's on, it's fine, but it was very difficult to get on and off.

For this one, I used a stitch length of 5.0 and a tension of 3 when I did the shirring, and it seems to have worked out.

Now, this will not be my last washi.  If you look closely at the bust darts, you can see that they look odd.  It's not as obvious in this photo, but if you look from the side they are a little pointy.  I think they are also a little higher than my bust apex, but would gladly take some advice and opinions.

For the next one I cut out, I shortened the bust dart by an inch, but didn't realize they look a bit high until I saw these photos.  It seems to be a little better, but we'll see!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Renfrew #2

My second Renfrew was not much quicker than my first.  I decided to size down, so I had to cut out all the paper pieces again.  While I was at it, I also cut out all the pieces for view C.


I forgot the twill tape at the shoulders, so had to go back and add it, but it didn't seem to work right.  I went straight to the serger for the neckband, and it has creases.  My twin needle doesn't seem to like me, so the neckband looks like it has raw edges even though I promise it doesn't!

The fabric is from Girl Charlee, and I think it's cute.  The stretch was kind of on the bias, but for this shirt it didn't seem to matter.  This fabric curled a lot more than the bamboo jersey I used last time.  It also seems to stick to my tummy fat more.  I am sucking in here like my life depended on it.  Here is the fabric info from the site:

Content: Cotton Jersey
Weight: Light to Medium Weight
Stretch: 25%
Width: 60/61"

Notes for next time: Size 8 fits better.  Don't forget the twill tape!  Also use a straight stitch when setting in the sleeves, the neckband and the twill tape.  Don't be lazy and go straight for the serger!

Aside from all that, I really like the shirt.  I also like cutting off my head for the photo.  No more weird faces!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

First Renfrew!

Renfew Wearable Muslin
There is no reason anymore not to make my own shirts.  I made a Renfrew, and it was great.  I cut a size 10 and did View B (short sleeves, V-neck) and it's really not so bad.  The fabric I used was a bamboo jersey that I bought years ago.  In the pattern, Tasia says to use a stable knit.  I have no idea what that means.

I got a little confused as to when to use a zig zag and when not... which is why my right shoulder is a little frumpy.  I did a zig zag stitch there and it seemed to rumple it up a bit.  I did use my serger to finish up all the seams.  I think next time I will use my serger from the start and only use the sewing machine to topstitch.

The shirt is a little wide at the shoulders... sometimes the seam goes onto my arm.  But really, the shirt is comfortable and fits fairly well.  I'll call it a success!

I have more planned, and I did a big order from Girl Charlee.  Hope the fabrics are nice!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Cake Decorating Class


So not exactly quilting related, but I did take a cake decorating class a few weeks ago with my friend Ingrid.  It was at Dragonfly Cakes, and it was really fun.


We were provided with two 6 inch cake rounds, which we cut in half and buttercream-ed together to create a four layer cake.  Then we covered it all with a crumb coat, then a final coat, and then finally some fondant.


I created tons of triangles out of scrap fondant, and arranged them on my cake.


Looks kind of like a quilt, right?


In any case, the class was really fun.  I doubt I'll ever use fondant on my cakes I make at home, but it was entertaining for the class.  The buttercream portion of the class was informative, and next time I make a full layered cake I'll definitely feel more confident.

Saturday, March 31, 2012

February Free Motion Quilting Challenge

Wow I'm behind again.  February's challenge for SewCalGal's Free Motion Quilt Challenge was fantastic.  It was by Diane Gaudynski who taught us how to do feathers her way.  Unfortunately the tutorial for her month was only up in February, so you can't access it now, but it was very interesting.  If I have a chance to take a class I would love to take one from her.

February Free Motion Challenge

The feathers were interesting in that you do not sew over your previous feather line, but rather combine it with some sort of echo quilting.

February Free Motion Challenge

My biggest problem is that I have trouble with the shapes of the feathers.  Instead of a gently curving, elegant feather, I have a huge mass or something.  Oh well.  You have to practice to learn, right?  I did buy a feather template, Infinite Feathers, so hopefully this will help me in the future.

I am always extremely impressed when I see feather quilting.  This is definitely something I would like to improve!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

GT&SB BOM. Last of the applique blocks...

I can't believe I'm actually making progress on this quilt!

I am done with the all applique blocks (not the border), and finished the double drunkard's paths.  All I have left is one more block, the fillers, and the border!  AND... it's only February!  Here are my latest blocks:
Month 10 - Double Drunkard's Path 2Month 10 - Double Drunkard's Path 3Month 10 - Double Drunkards Path 1 
Month 09 - ClamshellMonth 08 - Baby Carriage
Month 10 - Applique Block 5
And because it's fun, here is the progress to date!
 GT&SB Progress as of 2/1/2012
The end is in sight!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

And we're back!

Has anyone else had their blog taken down by blogger before?  I had to submit a "NOT SPAM" report and they had to reinstate my blog.  How odd.

Anyway, we're now back!  Of course I didn't notice that my blog was gone until January 31st, the day that the entry for the January challenge for SewCalGal's Free Motion Quilting Challenge was due.  I posted my photo to the flickr group and put that in the linky instead.    This post is just to catch up.  This month, Frances Moore was the teacher.  She did a video on how to do a leaf pattern.  The goal of the month was to "learn and/or improve your FMQ skills by practicing the design that Frances has shared in her video tutorial."  I haven't FMQ-ed in a long time, so this was a nice first challenge.

I had problems making a nice heart shaped leaf, but when I concentrated it seemed to get better.  For better or worse, I am not picky about my free motion quilting, so this is fine with me.  I did seem to be fighting my machine.  I think I need to change my needle, and my timing might be off.  Next time I'll try using the foot pedal instead of the start/stop button, but for now I don't think it's too bad!

Here is the front of my quilt sandwich:
SewCalGal Free Motion Challenge - January
Here is the back, it seems to show up a little better:
SewCalGal Free Motion Challenge - January

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Goodbye 2011, Hello 2012!

2011 was good to me this year. Chris and I went on a couple trips (Point Reyes Station, LA, Cozumel) and we learned how to scuba dive! Scuba diving is really amazing. We are now trying to figure out how much scuba diving we can afford. Just what I need, another expensive hobby!

On the crafty front, this has been the year of baby quilts! There are some quilts and little things I know I have not blogged about, but what can you do?  I completed more than I remembered.  Here is a mosaic to summarize:
2011 Finished Objects

For 2012, here are my goals and resolutions.  It always seems more official in print, doesn't it?

1.  Use all the fancy body butter I bought (I have really dry skin, especially in winter)
2. No fabric buying... unless it's by Lizzy House (couldn't resist!) or is needed to complete a project
3. Participate in the FMQ Challenge
4. Do not start a new project unless I finish an old project!  For reference, here is an incomplete list of old projects

  • 30's repro quilt (finished top)
  • Row by Row quilt (top almost finished)
  • Partly Cloudy quilt (top finished)
  • Veggie one block wonder quilt (fabric cut)
  • Kristine's quilt (fabric cut out)
  • Drunkard's Path Quilt (some blocks finished)
  • Sampler Afghan (20 more blocks to knit, plus put all together + border)
  • Green Tea & Sweet Beans Quilt (finished 8 months, need to finish last 3)
  • Diamond Mountain Quilt (finished top)
Here's to a great 2012!