Saturday, April 14, 2012

First Renfrew!

Renfew Wearable Muslin
There is no reason anymore not to make my own shirts.  I made a Renfrew, and it was great.  I cut a size 10 and did View B (short sleeves, V-neck) and it's really not so bad.  The fabric I used was a bamboo jersey that I bought years ago.  In the pattern, Tasia says to use a stable knit.  I have no idea what that means.

I got a little confused as to when to use a zig zag and when not... which is why my right shoulder is a little frumpy.  I did a zig zag stitch there and it seemed to rumple it up a bit.  I did use my serger to finish up all the seams.  I think next time I will use my serger from the start and only use the sewing machine to topstitch.

The shirt is a little wide at the shoulders... sometimes the seam goes onto my arm.  But really, the shirt is comfortable and fits fairly well.  I'll call it a success!

I have more planned, and I did a big order from Girl Charlee.  Hope the fabrics are nice!