Wednesday, February 11, 2009

BR-6 Frank's Rickrack

BR-6 Frank's Rickrack
I have been avoiding this triangle. It was actually easier than I feared, except that I accidentally used white where I should have used red... and I had to go back and fix it. Paper pieced. The fabric is Bows in red from the Building Blocks line by American Jane (Sandy Klop) for Moda. I just realized how hard it is to search for names of out of print fabrics online. That was way harder than it needed to be. I love this fabric though. I also have it in cream, but I can't use it for this quilt because I don't think the contrast is quite enough.

I didn't used to like rickrack, but I think it's growing on me. I think I just didn't know how to use it. I would like to meet a guy named Frank with some rickrack though. How great would that be?



Oiyi said...

It looks complicated. Way to go on conquering it.

flanthrower said...

This looks great! I've liked all your Dear Jane blocks but the triangles are really special. Really neat to see how the little bits of fabric stand out.

Junie Moon said...

Your finished triangle looks great and I love the fabrics. I'm quite intimidated by this particular triangle but you've made me feel better about working on it.