Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Mendocino Dress... at last!

Everyone on alert? A finished project!
I have seen this dress around the blog world, and I am so happy I am finally done. I confess, this dress gave me fits at first. It was my first time working with elastic thread. I got the thread to scrunch up, but not nearly enough. I was so frustrated that I put the dress aside for months (10, actually). In the super hot weather, I decided I wanted to finish it. I have been reading tips online so I was ready. My problem? It might have been the actual thread (I switched brands), but the main culprit was definitely that I was using too small a stitch. I had used the smallest stitch, but all the tips say use the longest stitch! It worked like a charm. Also, Heather Ross notes that it shrinks even more when you pass a steam iron over it because the elastic thread shrinks. In any case, it works now!
Glasses on Lucy!
I need to add straps, but I already wore it for a bbq last weekend. It's fun, fast, comfortable... I didn't actually use Heather's pattern, I just took a rectangle and shirred the top. I'm sure her pattern would have helped with the pregnant look. The fabric is a sarong from Indonesia.
3x3 for JuneFor Craftjunk by Lydigann
For Bootgirl72 by LydigannFor mini_milly04 by Lydigann
I also finished up my nine-block swaps, both for the Chaletgirl Block Swap and Three by Three. I think after I'm done with these my nine block obsession will be satiated.
Nerdy Lucy
Please notice that Nerdy Lucy has no ears!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Bee Inspired!

Alright, it has been a LOOONG time since I've posted. I have an excuse though.. I haven't really done anything! I have finished these two blocks for bee inspired. That's about it.
Christmas Star for DonnaSunbursts for Donna
Oh I did go to Boston to visit some friends. SO fun. And I think I was full for the entire week after we got back. They also took us to Rhode Island, which is gorgeous.

Oh and in wedding news, we decided to postpone the wedding another year so I will be done with my masters degree. And can be the best bridezilla I can be! Just kidding. Maybe.

Hopefully some crafting soon!