Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Swaps for July

I'm all caught up on my swaps!

These blocks are for the Chaletgirl Blockswap:
Blocks for Lara by Lynn
Love Lara's fabric. Very easy to match, and so happy to use my Kaffe to match hers!
Blocks for Loulou by Lynn
Blocks for Loulou. I'm not so good with pink, mostly because my stash doesn't have too much of it. But I think these worked out ok.

These blocks are for bee inspired. I can't believe we've already completed 5 months!
Blocks for Barb by Lynn
Blocks for Barb. I LOVE the fabrics she chose. She's planning on doing a wonky bento box quilt.
Blocks for John by Lynn
Blocks for John. Made from this pattern. It's going to be GORGEOUS!

Lastly, my blocks for the Three by Three swap:
3x3 July blocks
Not sure how much I like these. I tried to keep with my theme of aqua and another color (seen here for May and June), but these were a bit off. At least they're the correct size! I measured each and every one.
3x3 June blocks received
And here are the blocks I received for June. I am getting excited to put this quilt together. It's going to be all sorts of random and crazy!

Lucy and the (Dirty) Ball

Not much Lucy going on in the blog lately, huh? Well I finally took my camera outside to the backyard as we were playing fetch. Lucy is a crazy fetcher. See?
Crazy Lucy!
Here are some series that we caught:
Lucy Catches the Ball Series 1
Doesn't she look happy catching?
Lucy Catches the Ball Series 2
I enjoy that she looks like she's standing up in the last photo here
Lucy Catches the Ball Series 3
That last one deserves to be blown up:
Chris says this one looks like she's a second baseman catching a line drive. But with short arms.
Drink water!
She gets so crazy about fetching that she has to be reminded to drink water.
Like this?  Happy now?
Notice her making sure that her ball isn't leaving? Sometimes she just puts the ball in the water bowl to wash it off and to keep an eye on it.
She was so tired that I was able to get this shot in. Lucy has always been an extremely long corgi, so I measured her to see how long...
How long am I?
She is a yard long! No wonder I have no room in my bed!
Oh, you know, about a yard.
We leave you with my favorite photo of the day. It could be better with some cropping, but oh well.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Three by Three!

So remember these blocks?
Set 1 for 3x3 swap3x3 for June
They were for the Three by Three Swap organized by Anina of Twiddletails. It's been fun, but even more fun since I got my first batch of blocks back!
Pretty! I'm going to put these together with white sashing. I think it's going to be fabulous. I love nine patches! I think the variety of fabrics in this is awesome.

Hmm... it looks like a certain Lucy-face has claimed them as her own!