Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I-4 Stability

I-4 Stability
Another favorite block. I think I liked blocks that have curved piecing and regular straight piecing together. This block was made with the center piece hand appliqued with freezer paper on top and the outside pieces freezer paper pieced. The fabric is a fat quarter from the Granary, another colorway of the fabric used in Brandon's Star.

I have been taking yoga on and off for a couple years now, and I have the most trouble with balance poses. Especially that tree one on one leg. I am definitely not stable. Maybe this block is something that I should be imagining when I'm practicing yoga. A nice wide balance between yellow and white, curved and straight.



Adrienne said...

Tree pose is one of my favorites. Have you tried it with your foot turned forward and tucked in front of your leg instead of against? I think this is supposed to be the more advanced version, but I find it way easier.

Here's an image I found on Google to demonstrate....Tree Pose

Also... this quilt is going to be amazing when completed! In fact, it already amazes me.