Monday, August 11, 2008

C-2 Streak of Lightning

C-02 Streak of Lightning
For some reason when I made this block I decided I wanted it to be all yellow. I had picked out a fabric called Botanical Pop - Yellow, which is yellow fabric with white, grey and red flowers on it. I fussy cut the block so only the yellow and white showed. In retrospect, seems unnecessary, and I may use the fabric again to showcase the grey flowers. I do like how this one turned out though.

This is another block I worked on during the opening ceremonies, paper pieced, machine pieced, reverse and regular applique. It's amazing how many skills I have picked up in the 27 blocks I have made so far!



XUE said...

i've always wanted to try doing simple quilts but don't know where to start. Hv sewn dresses & stuff for my kids but not with actual paper patterns but from my own drafting on newspapers! Somehow, quilting just seems so much more precise (& difficult!). So I can just imagine the effort you're putting in these !