Monday, November 30, 2009

D-2 Mouse in a Mirror

D-2: Mouse in a Mirror
LOVE this block.  I think I am starting to like hexagons.  I don't think I'd make an entire quilt out of them, but they are pretty fun.  This block used freezer paper to piece the outside corners, and I used a freezer paper to make hexagon templates, machine sewed them together, then appliqued to white fabric.  Sounds complicated but went very smoothly.

The fabric is from Free Study Glimmer by Kristine Baerlin, and I think it called grasshopper in blue?  It's hard to find information about this line now.


D-12: Crossed Swords

D-12: Crossed Swords
This one was a bit.. well wonky.   I reverse appliqued the corner squares in, and they're a bit unsquare-ish.  The seams there are just too thick in some places.  I probably should have just done some set in seams.  The rest of the block was freezer paper pieced.

Fabric is a 10" scrap from F&S Fabrics.  I love dots!


D-4: Crystal Star

D-4: Crystal Star
LOVE this block.  The center is freezer paper foundation pieced, and the melons in the corners are appliqued on.  They're cute!  I did freezer paper inside for these, and I think they turned out ok.  For the set in seams I am utterly dependant on freezer paper.

The fabric is Erin McMorris' Forest in Lime from the Wildwood collection.  I  bought it from Bobbin's Nest Studio, a very cute quilt shop around here.


E-2: Merry May

E-2: Merry May
This block could have been easy, but I screwed things up.  I finished appliqueing the center square, only to cut it too small!  I ripped out the stiches and tried again.  The nice thing was that the edges were already turned over for appliquing it the second time around!

The fabric is Heather Ross Underwater Sisters in Plum from her Mendocino line.  I think there are a lot of Heather Ross fabrics in this row.

E-12: Mary Ruth's Corset

E-12: Mary Ruth's Corset
This block was pretty fun to make.  Easy foundation piecing.  Those pieces in the center are tiny!  I did put white fabric where it was supposed to be patterned, so I had to rip it out and redo it.

The fabric is Amy Butler's Wildflowers in navy from the Daisy Chain collection.  I love how the big repeat fabrics look so different in these little blocks!


Monday, November 23, 2009

D-8: Dee Dee's Delight

D-8: Dee Dee's Delight
In contrast to the last block I did (D-1) this one really was a delight.  I think I'm starting to like hand piecing much better now.  It lets you enjoy the process.  My points are not really that pointy, but I do like the overall result of the block!  And finally, a block in fall colors.  I'm so excited for Thanksgiving this week!

The block was all hand appliqued, using the back basting technique.  It worked really well for this block so I didn't have to mess with the placement.  The fabric was a 10" fabric scrap from F&S Fabrics.


D-1: Alison's Guiding Light

D-1: Alison's Guiding Light
UGH.  This block gave me FITS!  I'm not really sure what happened, as it's a pretty easy block, but I couldn't get it right!  It's still not perfect, but at least it's DONE.  Yesterday we did a test turkey, and unfortunately it turned out just ok.  Kind of dry.  But at least it was the test turkey, not the real one! 

Paper pieced, and I got the fabric from Japan when I visited.  So fun!


Saturday, November 21, 2009

Flea Market Fancy Giveaway!

I hope you all have signed the flea market fancy petition (bring it back!) but if you haven't, there's a giveaway now to get more people to sign it!  Click on the button below!


I've recently rediscovered my love for this fabric.  I started quilting about the time it was out, but didn't have a chance to stock up.  I LOVE the grey seeds and would love to see it again!

D-9: Uncle Richard

D-9: Uncle Richard
So I don't have an Uncle Richard, but I have a cousin named Richard.  Actually, most people I know pronouce it Reee-shard, but that's ok.  He's a funny little dude.

This block was foundation pieced, and the fabric was a fat quarter that I bought from the Granary.


Friday, November 20, 2009

Green Tea and Sweet Beans BOM - Month 2!

Another month's blocks finished.  I really am enjoying hand-piecing these blocks.  I've been trying to slow down.  Hand pieced blocks, home cooked dinners.  Unfortunately a clean house is what I'm sacrificing.

Garden Paths:
Garden Paths 3Garden Paths 2Garden Paths 1
Lozengers 1Lozengers 2
The Japanese fabrics really are too cute. And on a side note, how did it get to be the end of November already?  I want my year back!

D-5: Cathedral Window

It's raining today!  Which is good, because we really need the rain here in Northern California.  This block was a quick and easy one, foundation pieced.  The magical #100 block!

The fabric is Amy Butler's Sweet Jasmine in Navy from her Daisy Chain collection.  Not my favorite collection, but it's still fun.


Thursday, November 19, 2009

RS-2: Cherokee Lee

RS-2: Cherokee Lee
This block was fun to make. I don't know if I'm tired of the tiny pieces, but this one was nice and straight forward with wide columns. I've recently switched from using freezer paper to paper piece to using paper piecing stuff. I do not like the "paper" I'm using now, and will be switching to Carol Doak's paper after I finish up this (thankfully) small pack. It's hard to tear off, and sometimes I accidentally remove my stitches near the edges.

Today is also Lucy's birthday! She's 2 today! It has been an interesting year. I feel like she has become more scared of other dogs, and would rather play fetch than with other dogs. She has become more cuddly as it's become colder, and can be counted on as a heater under the bed covers. She is still a funny funny dog.

Fabric is Clouds in Sunset from Nest by Tula Pink for Moda.


Wednesday, November 18, 2009

BR-4: Candy Dish

BR-4: Candy Dish
I guess I should have picked a happier color for this block. I didn't realize it was named candy dish until after I finished! I really need to work on my points when I do applique.

Amy Butler Lacework in Sage from her Lotus line. I used this fabric originally to make a drawstring skirt.


Tuesday, November 17, 2009

C-13: Lakota Sioux

C-13: Lakota Sioux
Ah, the last block of row 3! At this point I officially have 3 rows done. Feels nice! This block is funny because it uses two different fabrics. I had a hard time centering the seahorses, but they turned out more natural because they look like they're floating. The mermaid head on the bottom was a nice accident. I paper pieced the block, and looking at it now I could have easily swapped the order of the center piece to make placement of the seahorses easier. Oh well.

Fabric is from Heather Ross' Mermaid in Blush from the Mendocino line. The accent yellow squares are scraps from Heather Ross tadpoles.


Monday, November 16, 2009

I-9 Chase a Myth

I-9: Chase a Myth
This may be my new favorite block. It took a loooong time to make, but I love the end result. I was making it along with another very similar Civil War Diary Quilts block, also with a lot of pieces. I think most of my favorite blocks from this quilt are stripes. I think it's fun to play with the directions!

The fabric was purchased when I went down to LA for the World Baseball Classic at the Sewing Arts Center. It was in a bin of scraps that you purchased by the pound! I love it.


Sunday, November 15, 2009

G-2 Mohawk Trail

G-2 Mohawk Trail
What a nice and easy block. Sometimes half square triangles are fun, sometimes they are too much trouble. This block I made by paperpiecing four strips then sewing them together. I really like paper piecing, but sometimes it takes SO long! I have a secret obsession with mohawks, but would never have enough courage to actually get one. The most I do is fashion my dog's fur into a full body mohawk when giving her a bath!

The fabric was a 10" square scrap from F&S Fabrics in Los Angeles.


Saturday, November 14, 2009

C-7 Megan's Mountain Laurel

C-7 Megan's Mountain Laurel
Whew! This block was a tough one for me. I finished the paper pieced part of the block back in May, and couldn't bring myself to finish the appliqued diamonds until now. Those points are tough! I think I need to practice points. I am absolutely horrible at points! While doing this block, I watched "How to Steal a Million" with Audrey Hepburn and Peter O'Toole. It was cute, and I do love Audrey. I think I need to watch some more old movies!

The fabric for this block is from my cousin, Denyse Schmidt Gold Tile from the Flea Market Fancy line. I hope they reprint the fabrics!


Friday, November 13, 2009

L-5 Chatanooga Charlie

L-5 Chatanooga Charlie
I've had a bit of a bad week (minus the fantastic Elly Sienkiewicz class). My cyst near my left year, who has been my friend for at least 5 years, decided to get infected and I had to go to the ER to get it removed. Not fun. The good part is that since it's on the side of my face, I couldn't see them do anything. The bad part is that it might grow back and I'll have to get it removed again. I am glad that it's gone for now though, it was really uncomfortable. I will be better when it starts healing and I don't have to tape gauze to the side of my face though!

This block, unlike my ER visit, was fun. I cut the triangles a bit too small, so I used my handy dandy "Add an Eighth" ruler and it came together really well. Foundation pieced on some stuff I got from Joann's which I do not like at all. The fabric is Perched in Sunset from Nest by Tula Pink for Moda.


Thursday, November 12, 2009

F-7 Star Struck

F-7 Star Struck
Hurray, I think it's time to bring my Dear Jane out of project time out and work on a few blocks! It's half a year since I last finished a block. Oops! Yesterday I attended a class by Elly Sienkiewicz, and it was fun and I learned a lot. She is such a lovely person and the amount of creativity in the class was amazing. I wanted to sew more as soon as I got home, but my wrist hurt from so much applique! Good thing these blocks are foundation pieced.

Fabric is Heather Ross Tadpoles in Curry. I love the frog in the middle block, he looks so confused! Kind of like me right now... really? I'm an adult now?


Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Block Party!

I am so excited. The Block Party Quilting Bee organizers are turning their bee into a quilt-along, and to kick it off they're having a giveaway! You could win these lovely drool-worthy fabrics! Check it out here.

It should be really fun, a no-pressure sort of thing since it's a quilt along, not a bee. I really loved the blocks they've made in their bees, so you should check it out. They're posting a block and variations monthly, and if you put it into the flickr pool, you have a chance of landing your photo into the book they're writing. HOW EXCITING!