Saturday, April 21, 2012

Renfrew #2

My second Renfrew was not much quicker than my first.  I decided to size down, so I had to cut out all the paper pieces again.  While I was at it, I also cut out all the pieces for view C.


I forgot the twill tape at the shoulders, so had to go back and add it, but it didn't seem to work right.  I went straight to the serger for the neckband, and it has creases.  My twin needle doesn't seem to like me, so the neckband looks like it has raw edges even though I promise it doesn't!

The fabric is from Girl Charlee, and I think it's cute.  The stretch was kind of on the bias, but for this shirt it didn't seem to matter.  This fabric curled a lot more than the bamboo jersey I used last time.  It also seems to stick to my tummy fat more.  I am sucking in here like my life depended on it.  Here is the fabric info from the site:

Content: Cotton Jersey
Weight: Light to Medium Weight
Stretch: 25%
Width: 60/61"

Notes for next time: Size 8 fits better.  Don't forget the twill tape!  Also use a straight stitch when setting in the sleeves, the neckband and the twill tape.  Don't be lazy and go straight for the serger!

Aside from all that, I really like the shirt.  I also like cutting off my head for the photo.  No more weird faces!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

First Renfrew!

Renfew Wearable Muslin
There is no reason anymore not to make my own shirts.  I made a Renfrew, and it was great.  I cut a size 10 and did View B (short sleeves, V-neck) and it's really not so bad.  The fabric I used was a bamboo jersey that I bought years ago.  In the pattern, Tasia says to use a stable knit.  I have no idea what that means.

I got a little confused as to when to use a zig zag and when not... which is why my right shoulder is a little frumpy.  I did a zig zag stitch there and it seemed to rumple it up a bit.  I did use my serger to finish up all the seams.  I think next time I will use my serger from the start and only use the sewing machine to topstitch.

The shirt is a little wide at the shoulders... sometimes the seam goes onto my arm.  But really, the shirt is comfortable and fits fairly well.  I'll call it a success!

I have more planned, and I did a big order from Girl Charlee.  Hope the fabrics are nice!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Cake Decorating Class


So not exactly quilting related, but I did take a cake decorating class a few weeks ago with my friend Ingrid.  It was at Dragonfly Cakes, and it was really fun.


We were provided with two 6 inch cake rounds, which we cut in half and buttercream-ed together to create a four layer cake.  Then we covered it all with a crumb coat, then a final coat, and then finally some fondant.


I created tons of triangles out of scrap fondant, and arranged them on my cake.


Looks kind of like a quilt, right?


In any case, the class was really fun.  I doubt I'll ever use fondant on my cakes I make at home, but it was entertaining for the class.  The buttercream portion of the class was informative, and next time I make a full layered cake I'll definitely feel more confident.