Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Cake Decorating Class


So not exactly quilting related, but I did take a cake decorating class a few weeks ago with my friend Ingrid.  It was at Dragonfly Cakes, and it was really fun.


We were provided with two 6 inch cake rounds, which we cut in half and buttercream-ed together to create a four layer cake.  Then we covered it all with a crumb coat, then a final coat, and then finally some fondant.


I created tons of triangles out of scrap fondant, and arranged them on my cake.


Looks kind of like a quilt, right?


In any case, the class was really fun.  I doubt I'll ever use fondant on my cakes I make at home, but it was entertaining for the class.  The buttercream portion of the class was informative, and next time I make a full layered cake I'll definitely feel more confident.


Unknown said...
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Crispitos said...

So pretty! But you forgot to mention how it tasted!