Monday, August 25, 2008

Common Threads - Liz's Block

Liz's? Liz'? How about Lady Harvatine's Block? There we go. Sounds good.
No wonkiness here! More can be read about it here.

I am back from Maui, and cannot wait to start sewing again! Hopefully I'll have some more Dear Jane blocks to post soon. I did not do any sewing on vacation, but I did do some knitting on the flights there and back. I am almost done with my koolhaas hat. I have one more repeat, and then the decreases! Woohoo!


Junie Moon said...

Great block! I'm eagerly watching your progress with this quilt and am learning a lot in the process.

JuLo said...

Welcome back! How was the trip? Will we get pictures? I'm surprised you were allowed to take knitting needles on the plane. My cousin had to check hers, and last time I tried to take a crochet hook I barely convince the guy to let me take on the plane. Yes, even though they're blunter than a ball point pen! Oiy.

JuLo said...

Huh, good to know they finally have gotten their rules together! This was a few years ago that I had the issue. maybe this means I can take my crochet work on the plane with me up to Seattle this week? :) Thanks for the info!

flanthrower said...

Welcome back! I love the green in that quilt back. Hope you had a nice trip and am looking forward to seeing pictures!