Thursday, October 4, 2012

Chambray Washi

Alright, here is my first wearable washi.
Chambray Washi Front - Help with Darts?
Not bad, right?  I also look pretty proud of myself.
Chambray Washi Back

Alright, first I have to say this is a fantastic pattern.  Rae clearly spent a lot of time on the pattern, and it's made very well.  I used her video tutorial to do the partial lining, and it's awesome.  When Rae was making the pattern, she mentioned that she was trouble with the darts.  I should have known it would cause me trouble too!

This is my 3rd Washi.  I will put on the other ones on at a later date and show you, but I had a problem with the shirring.  I used a small stitch length, so when I tried to put it on, the back did not stretch back to the original width!  Once it's on, it's fine, but it was very difficult to get on and off.

For this one, I used a stitch length of 5.0 and a tension of 3 when I did the shirring, and it seems to have worked out.

Now, this will not be my last washi.  If you look closely at the bust darts, you can see that they look odd.  It's not as obvious in this photo, but if you look from the side they are a little pointy.  I think they are also a little higher than my bust apex, but would gladly take some advice and opinions.

For the next one I cut out, I shortened the bust dart by an inch, but didn't realize they look a bit high until I saw these photos.  It seems to be a little better, but we'll see!