Thursday, January 10, 2008

First New Project of 2008

Ok, so I have a lot of unfinished projects left over from 2007, but why should that start me from a new project? I went to Joann's yesterday and got these fabrics to start a new one...
I'm VERY happy with my fabric choices, and I hope it comes out as cute as I'm imagining it.

Also, on a separate note, today seems like it's going to be an off day. This morning, I went into the shower with my glasses on. Whoops!


Rebekah said...

can't wait to see what you make. Those are really cute prints!

Kristine said...

HA, I've worn my glasses in the shower before. At least now they're clean :-D

Oiyi said...

LOL! (about the glasses)

I love the colors and the prints of the fabric.

Junie Moon said...

Your fabrics look great and I'm intrigues as to the eventual outcome of your project.

We all have odd days like this, I try to look at them as mere hiccups in the seam of time.