Thursday, January 15, 2009

Craft:Along January

Wow, look at this, I completed something! Things are looking good for this year's adventure. I am so glad that this month had a choice between making something and baking. I chose to make the delicious Lemon Drop cookies. I was really excited to make these because the title sounded simliar to one of my all time favorite cookies, Sugar Cane Lime Cookies.
craft:along January
I thought the sugar made them a little too sweet for my taste. I liked them without rolling the cookies in sugar before baking them. But I did really really enjoy the lemon sugar. Problem was after I made this, I had extra cream cheese and 3 zest-less lemons! So I made this quiche and lemonade too. YUM. Although this is a LOT of quiche for two people!


Rebekah said...

these cookies sound delicious! I love anything lime flavored

flanthrower said...

I've been craving quiche...I might have to try that recipe out! Is that a Shinzi Katoh carafe? I was thinking about getting one of those for summer drinks....which seems soooooo far away right now with the sub-zero temps!

FinnyKnits said...

Ooh! Look at your yummy cookies! I might have to do both challenges this month, since we know that Bubba loves the lemon cookies and all.

As always, Lucy is adorable.