Tuesday, September 15, 2009

It's starting to get cold!

I guess it's officially summer still, but last night I had to get an extra quilt to put on top of my summer comforter. I think it's abnormal September weather for California, but oh well. We got a new king sized bed this past weekend, and it's fantastic! Unfortunately all my quilts are now tiny. I think I'll be requesting big blocks from my quilting bees!

I have finished a few more blocks for my quilting bees for this month. Here is the second block for September for Around the Block:
Almost finished block for Helen
Unfortunately I ran out of blue, so the block is rushing back to Australia to be finished by a very nice and very understanding Helen. You should check out some of the other houses that are showing up in the pool... they are AMAZING.

For bee inspired, here are my blocks for Karla. This was my first try at disappearing nine patches, and they're pretty fun! I think I prefer regular nine patches, but these were fun anyway. I think they are very striking with the fabric and Karla is going to have a fantastic quilt.
Block 1 for Karla
Block 2 for Karla

And sadly, my last set of blocks for Chaletgirl Blockswap! It's strange to see that I'm done... now I just have to put my own quilt together. Sheridan, thank you thank you thank you for organizing this swap, it has been so fun!
Group 6!  First half
Group 6!  Second half

So lets see, that brings me down to 2 quilting bees and one block of the month (post to come soon!)


luv2quilt2 said...

Love your blocks. I also was delighted to see your DJ list and links.

a corgi said...

hi; just stopped by to say CONGRATULATIONS that your corgi got picked to be in Kelly's corgi calendar; what a cute picture of an adorable corgi!!

very creative blog you have here; quilting seems like a great hobby to do

you must be in a different part of California then me when you wrote this entry; I'm in So. Calif and we had 100 plus temps around this time; thankfully cooling down now :)

congrats again!


Ivy@PaperElixir said...

Great to see Lucy on Kelly's calendar! That's the cutest corgi pix in the world, I swear!

Oh, and looks like you got some spam comments. Go away, spammers!!