Saturday, January 30, 2010

Hello 2010!

Oh my poor neglected blog!  I hope you forgive me... I'll give you lots of photos!  I have been really busy, but I have been sewing!  I knitted a  blanket for Chris' parents, and my sister and I sewed placemats and napkins for my mom.  Both were very well received. 

Lucy made it through Christmas with minimal torture from her human parents and received lots of toys and kisses.  Lets just say she was pooped.

Christmas Eve PJs squinty    I think she hid a treat in there...   DSC_7625.JPGWhy am I here?

I've also been sewing all the quilting bee blocks:

Wedding BarnTiny Squares!Second block for SheridanBlock for StaceyBlock for Donna - C-9Block for Donna - F-2

But perhaps most exciting of all, Chris' mom's friend's friend had an unfinished cathedral window quilt that needed a home, and I am the lucky one who received the box!  Look at all these goodies:

Look what's inside!Box of Cathedral Window Quilt stuffCathedral Window QuiltBox of tiny squares

Recently I have been trying to catch up on my Green Tea and Sweet Beans block of the month.  I will update with photos of those blocks soon!


Anonymous said...

Oh wow, a partial cathedral window quilt! You're so lucky! What a fantastic lot of goodies.

I love your pink Baby Jane blocks. I'd actually thought about getting the tendril fabric in the one on the left for my Baby Jane but wasn't 100% sure. But then I saw your pic and loved it so I've got some ordered!

Mary said...

Wow! You have been busy! I LOVE the little house block.... reminds me of the ones I've seen over at Oh Franson!(I think that's where I saw them)recently. The cathedral blocks look great. My MIL loves that look and was telling me about the technique. I hope you'll post the finished top! LOVE the Lucy by the tree pics.... She's so pretty! We have three pups who just can't seem to sit still for a photo.... only blurrs of noses and tails!

顏色很亮 said...


Ivy@PaperElixir said...

Look at Lucy in her sweater PJ! Soooo cute :D I love that block with the little house and little tree, too cute! You family's so lucky to receive all your handmade goodies (mine doesn't care much for handmade stuff *sigh*)

African Kelli said...

oh, those squares (especially the one with the white tear drop shapes) are SPECTACULAR!