Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Boston Park Quilt

Alright, here we go.  I've been super super busy, but I was able to finish up one quilt!
Boston Park Quilt Mosaic
This quilt was made for my friend to thank her for letting us stay at her house when we visited Boston.  She's roommates with our other friend who we already bought something for, so I'm pretty sure she thought we forgot about her.  But she likes the quilt and it's all fun and exciting.  It's made out of two packs of charm squares of Valorie Wells' Olive Rose line, and essex linen cotton in white.  I think I like the linen-cotton.  I definitely liked the crinkly texture when it came out of the dryer!  The main part of the back is some marimekko fabric from Crate and Barrel outlet.  I wish I didn't have to add the blues to the side to make it bigger, but my friend wanted a big quilt!

I put a label on this quilt, and called it Boston Park Quilt, so she wouldn't feel bad about using it at the park!  I need to do better about labeling my quilts.  Also, why is it whenever I make "random" quilts, two of the same blocks always end up next to each other?


Rebekah said...

This quilt looks great! The backing fabric is so pretty.

I do the same things when I'm positioning blocks for quilt...always end up with the wrong two blocks next to each other.

Ivy@PaperElixir said...

OMG! Such a beautiful quilt! I love the colors on white, such a clean, modern look. And great idea to call it a "park" quilt, because I would really hesitate to sit on it outside ;) Everyone around her would be so jealous when she rolls it out at the park!