Monday, July 26, 2010

July is HOT!

I do not do well with hot weather.  Having said that, it seems like in the summer I enjoy such hobbies as knitting and baking.  Oh well.  I have been working on things for my wedding, here is a sneak peek:
Close up of bridal shrug thingAssembly line of owls...
And more blocks for a couple of my quilting bees.  Here are some blocks for Jan.  Only one month left for Around the Block!  Jan did a great job with her concept.  She precut the borders, and asked us to fill in the middle squares.  With different sized borders she will get a cohesive but varied set of blocks.  I love the fabrics too.
2.5 border block for Jan4.5 border block for Jan

6.5 border block for Jan

And here are a the last two blocks for Bee Inspired.
Bento box-ish block for LisaLots of pieces block for Lisa
I am ashamed to say that these are 4 months late because I am so petty.  These happen to be the last set of blocks for this particular bee, and I was holding them hostage until I got my blocks.  They never came (I am still waiting for 5 people, isn't that crazy!), but I decided that I should take the higher road and just finish off the bee.  I never got all my blocks back from my first bee either.  I understand that there are life circumstances that causes people to renege on their commitments to the bee, but it does make if difficult when it's the organizer too.  These last couple of blocks to make me happy though.  The fabrics were wonderful to work with and I really like how the blocks turned out.

After next month for Around the Block my commitments to quilting bees are finished.  I had a good time with the first one, a bad experience with the second one, and a WONDERFUL experience with the last.  I got all my blocks (from Oz and NZ) with a month after my month was over.  If you ever get a chance to join a bee hosted by Sheridan, make sure you can make the commitments, then sign up fast!  She really takes care of you and makes sure everyone gets their blocks. 


Oiyi said...

The owls are so cute!

chaletgirl said...

Lynn, thank you so much!

As I was reading your post - I thought YIKES! I hope that's not our bee that you are talking about! And then I realised that I am up to date with my blocks, so it can't be us!!!

I'm so sorry for your disappointment with your other bees.

I am very very touched that you took the time to write this about my bees. I actually do spend an awful lot of time chasing people up and hassling them to fulfil their end of the bargain. I might annoy people when I do that, but at least they can be assured that when it is their turn, I will go in and hassle for their blocks as well.

Thanks Lynn. It has been a pleasure to 'work' with you for the last few years on all sorts of projects and I will miss you when Around The Block finishes next month.


rhymeswithspoon said...

Those owls are adorable!

I agree with you on the quilt bees. Once I finish the one I'm in now, I think I'm done with them forever. Granted, this is only my second bee and so far it's going relatively well. But I learned a lot from my first bee, which was just plain awful. I never got back all of my blocks from that one and a lot of the blocks I got back from the group (some as late as 4-5 months late) were utter garbage. Makes me wish I hadn't sent out such nice fabrics because really they just got mangled.

Becky said...

I am sorry you have had some bad experiences but I am glad I was part of the good bee with you :)

張v李佳羽嘉旺 said...


Ivy@PaperElixir said...

Ooh, love the owls! Can't wait to see more on what you're doing with your wedding decor, must be super chic!