Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Around the Block.. last two!

Wow, I'm amazed that we are done with Around the Block!  They've continued onto round 2, but I bowed out since I'm getting married!  Here are the last two blocks for MJ.  She asked us to add in one of our own fabrics for one of the points.

MJ's block 1
I thought the stars were appropriate, since I was the only person in the group from USA.
MJ's block 2
The blue birds are one of my favorite fabrics.  I used it to make an apron for the In Stitches Sew Along.  I just think it's so cute!

To all the Around the Block gals: You're the best, around!  Thank you for the past year.  It's been so fun!

Here is a collage of all the blocks I've made, plus one shot of the blocks I received!
Around the Block Mosaic

Wow I forgot about all these blocks!  So fun!  Thanks again ladies!


Anonymous said...

Wow! I forgot about them all too!

We'll miss you! Thanks for being a great part of ATB, and the Block Swap we did before that. Will be sad not to be quilting together this year.

All the best with the wedding and the start to your married life! At least I can follow your blog!


Ismail N said...

Very beautiful quilts. Impressive teamwork there!

Becky said...

I am very excited to be able to say I pieced my top last weekend! I put a photo in the Flickr group and tagged you on the blocks you made.

Not finished yet, but one step closer. Thank you!