Saturday, February 12, 2011

Happy 2011!

Lucy dreaming
Well, at least Lucy is consistent with how I've been feeling about my blog lately...

My poor neglected blog.  Obviously things around here need to change.  I wrote a huge long post, only to reread it and think "who cares?"  From now on I'm going to try to blog more, perhaps with just a photo and a few words.

Some happenings to get you up to date:


Oiyi said...

Congrats on your marriage! Happy to see you update your blog. I have missed seeing your creations and updates on Lucy.

Salzanos said...

Love your corgi! I have one that is 15 yrs old this year. She is same coloring. Amazing little dogs, so full of heart. Love the little cartoon on the upper right too, did you make it? Nice touch to the whole blog having your lucy as the mascot!