Thursday, October 6, 2011

I climbed Diamond Mountain!

Completed Diamond Mountain Quilt Top!

What an accomplishment for me!  I completed this top for Lizzy House's Diamond Mountain Quilt-along.  The pattern is in her lovely book, and the fabrics are all from her 1001 Peeps line.  I usually don't like to make something exactly the same as someone else, but this quilt was so so so so fantastic that I had to make it exactly the same.  LOVE the colors.  I really like Lizzy's style.. new modern fabrics with classic quilt patterns reimagined in a new way.  I sound like a school girl with a crush.  Sorry.

Anyway, this quilt uses this ruler, and it was great.  I can't imagine using a template to cut out all those triangles.  The fabrics kept the quilt interesting enough to get all the way through and finish the quilt.  I am SO happy.  Kaleidoscope quilts may be my new favorite type of quilt to make.

I have some Hobbs Fusible batting on order.  Still deciding on what fabric to do for the backing... I'm thinking the Ice Frappe Kona Cotton.  I do love the Orange Scheherazade print but I think the minty green will be a nice contrast to the bold top.  Hmmm...