Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Green Tea and Sweet Beans BOM Update

I have been faithfully making these blocks!  I just took a look, and I have completed 7 of the 12 months.  And I've done some more blocks too!  Here are the ones that haven't been posted on the blog yet...

Month 6- Day Lily.  I liked this one, but for some reason it took me a long time to sew on the outside corners!
Month 6 - Day Lily

Month 7 - Flower Block.  These were fun!  I really liked the petals, even though they didn't turn out perfect.  I think they're cute!
Month 7 - Flower 1Month 7 - Flower 2Month 7 - Flower 3

Month 7 - Igloo. I absolutely love these blocks. The round parts gave me fits, but I think they turned out well.
Month 7 - Igloo 1Month 7 - Igloo 2

Month 8 - Applique Block #2. This one took me FOREVER. I think I decided I didn't like applique or something..
Month 8 - Applique Block #2

Month 9 - Berry Basket. I completed this one even though I didn't finish the second block for Month 8. I have been looking forward to this block since the BOM started! I have to admit that I was a little disappointed that the pot fabric wasn't the same as the original (it's orangey in the original) but I think the blue pot fits as well.
Month 9 - Berry Basket

I have a couple of blocks that should be finished soon, but hopefully there will be another Green Tea and Sweet Beans update soon!


Marisa said...

Your blocks are just adorable. The fabrics you are using are awesome.