Saturday, June 23, 2007

At the finish line

June 22, 2007
I've noticed that I have a photo like this for most of my quilts. I use what I call the cheater method for binding quilts. Instead of making a single fold bias tape and machine sewing it to one side and handsewing the other side down, I use this clover tool to make double fold bias tape and sew it on in one go. This method is thoroughly explained in Modern Quilt Workshop. I think it looks fine, and it is so much quicker! Because it does not take much time to bind the quilt, these photos for me are like the green light to a finished quilt.

Speaking of finished quilts, I finished my half moon bay quilt! Unfortunately, I just finished it, and now we are going on a quick overnight trip to Half Moon Bay. The name of the quilt came from the deadline I set for myself to finish it before we left! I'll take lots of photos of it on the beach.


sulu-design said...

I just saw this little gadget in Martha Stewart's Living (I think) and thought it looked so cool. Whatever works for you is how you should do it! Have a great time at the beach - looking forward to photos of the quilt.

flanthrower said...

I got one of those to make bias tape but for some reason I couldn't really get it to work right. Maybe it's harder to do with smaller bias tape?

Have fun at the beach! I love the ocean.

Marisa said...

Half moon bay is so pretty. I'm sure looking forward to seeing pix of your quilt there. Nice going on finishing it. Congrats! Cute idea to use this bias tape too. I have never tried the clover tool, but I love all their goodies, so I'll put this on my list to check out.

Tecla said...

Good for people to know.