Friday, June 15, 2007

Wow! Long time no post!

I've been reminded by a few people that I haven't posted in a couple of weeks, so here goes. I don't have any finished objects, and really, do you want to see my WIPs? Too bad, cause here they are! A couple things have happened in the last couple of weeks. I think the most exciting is the Tea Towel Swap! Here is what I made:
May 31, 2007
Here is what I received:
June 14, 2007
Better photos can be found here and here. Laura was so nice and sent me two (!) tea towels. The one with the rick rack, and she made the one on the right into a super cute banana bread recipe apron. LOVE them.

And here are a couple WIPs (they're really stacking up!):
June 4, 2007
June 11, 2007
Hopefully I will be able to finish something this weekend!!


Liz Harvatine said...

Hi Lynn,
I really love the tea towel you made! It's super cute! Also, can't wait to see that quilt's looking great!

sulu-design said...

The hula girl towel is so cute, and the recent quilting project is coming along beautifully. Maybe this weekend you can spend some quality time with your WIP pile!

flanthrower said...

the WIPS look great! Can't wait to see the finished products. (I also like how your embroidery matched the hula girl fabric. Very nice.)

happy Zombie said...

I love, love, love, love, love, love your Half Moon Bay! Your fabs are GORGEOUS too! This is SO exciting for me to see your WIP! :o)

June said...

The tea towels are wonderful! Isn't it funny how such simple things can be something so heartwarming?

Your WIP quilt is gorgeous and I look forward to seeing a picture of the whole finished project.

Marisa said...

These are beautiful. Keep the WIP pix coming!!!