Tuesday, July 3, 2007

(Don't) Shake it Like a ....

That song is just too darn catchy to forget. So here is a shot I took today with my Polaroid spectra. Doesn't help that the photo I took of it with my digital camera is out of focus. But I am so excited for this camera, minus the cost of the film of course.
July 2, 2007
I am still experimenting with my photos. I just bought 2 sets of filters from ebay, and for this one I used a Diffusing Surround filter, which is just a fancy way of saying a blurry filter with a hole in the middle. Oh how I love polaroids.

Crafty-wise, nothing has changed from yesterday. Like the true nerd I am, I got distracted by Pokemon Diamond. Oh well, at least I have a friend who understands!


sulu-design said...

Oh, you must be having so much fun with this thing. I'm sure I could blow through hundreds of dollars of film in a snap with one of those. Everything looks great when shot with a polaroid!

Marisa said...

Your polaroid is awesome. I mess around with polaroid manipulations from time to time, http://www.lallyphotography.com/mlpolgallery.htm

nancy said...

yes! i understand! my nine-year-old niece was visiting and gave me all kinds of tips that totally inspired me to start playing like a maniac again :)

African Kelli said...

Okay, I have no idea how you manipulated that photo. Do tell!

FinnyKnits said...

I don't have your direct email, so I had to comment on your comment - SPIDERPIG RULES!

I died laughing when I saw that for the first time last night.

Hysterical. I can.not.wait.