Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Goodies from Mr. Postman!!

Oh I've been so bad with posting, but I received two super exciting packages! The first is from Sara of Flanthrower. She posted some playlists and offered to make people a copy, and I took her up on her offer. Bet she wasn't expecting that! But she was so nice and sent it along with this beautiful card... Thanks Sara!
July 16, 2007
Today in the mail I received my quilt for Doll Quilt Swap 2! It's from Julie, and I love it. I really really love the pink floral fabric she used. And polka dots!
Front of doll quilt swap received from Julie
Here is the back, also super cute.
July 18, 2007
And she was nice enough to include a keychain! I'll definitely be using this...
Keychain sent with doll quilt 2
My partner also received her quilt, so I guess I'm free to post photos of it... I fell in love with one of the quilts from the current issue of American Patchwork and Quilting, and this is a baby one. I had never done bargello before, so this was an interesting experience.
Finished Doll Quilt for doll quilt swap 2
Close up of doll quilt for doll quilt swap 2
Back of doll quilt for doll quilt swap 2
Label for doll quilt swap 2
And since I'm already posting so many photos, might as well post some more, right? I finished my blocks for the SCVQA Habitat for Humanity Quilt with the Space Blanketeers... hurray!!
Finished Blocks!
I am invoking the 10 foot rule, thank you very much!
I've got to say, this was a lot of work. I need to start posting more often. But I'm leaving for a trip to Japan on Saturday, so I will try to squeeze one last post in before I leave!


rdrop said...

wow you're leaving on saturday! good times!

wow you're so done with your scvqa quilt parts! I haven't been able to work on since I have had a guest stay with me for the last couple of days but they are leaving tomorrow so all is well! I will definitely be done by Sunday.

Doll quilts look super cute!

Amy said...

Love the bargello quilt you made, so much movement in it..great job!

sulu-design said...

My jaw literally dropped when I saw the doll quilt you made. Amy's right - the movement in it is fabulous. I'm so excited for you for your trip to Japan. Can't wait to hear and see all about it!

June said...

The doll quilts are stunningly gorgeous--I am so impressed with the skills displayed in making them.

June said...

Great swap gifts! I love the dollhouse quilts! I made one for my own dollhouse yesterday and posted it to Flickr. This morning I made two Christmas dollhouse quilts but won't post those until Dec. I think it's great about the Habitat for Humanity quilt project--I had not heard about that before.

KellyAnn said...

What?! You're leaving for Japan the day that Harry Potter is released?!

Oiyi said...

The quilt that you got and the one that you made are beautiful.