Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Catch up... (how many of these posts do I have now?)

Ok, I have a good excuse. These two have been keeping me busy!
My sister went on a vacation, so Freddy has been staying over and two puppies are a lot of work! Sadly this is the best photo of the two of them because they do not stop playing unless you wave a dog treat in front of their faces! But here are a few things from the past few weeks:
Birthday present from Cousin! Love the interior fabric! It's from her Taiwan trip. She also made two lengths of handles, but they keep falling off! I may have to decide on a length I like and sew them on permanently...
Pleated Beauty Bag front
Pleated Beauty Bag close upPleated Beauty Bag inside
Bend the Rules Sewing Swap bag. Made for Liz, and SO glad to hear she likes it! I free-motioned the detail on the front. All in all, a fun project, but I think I like sturdier bags. I used the birdie fabric for the interior... I finally looked it up and it is "Paint by Number" by Erin Michael for Moda Fabrics. Here is an old PDF of the line.
Block for Common Threads, for Rebekah. Really had trouble with this one. I think I understand why I usually do more traditional patterns. Wonky is hard! It's really difficult for me to randomly make a block and convince myself that it looks good. I made this one, put it aside and looked at it again the next day. Overall I am pretty happy with it. Not sure if I'm supposed to post this before Rebekah gets it, but I figure it's close enough and it's being mailed out today... Sorry if I've ruined your surprise Rebekah! Please let me know what to do for future reveals!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Common Threads

Wow it's been a while. Right now I'm dog sitting Fred, my sister's pup, so it's been a little hectic. But I had to share, I've joined another thing! I got an email from Rebekah about a new quilting bee, and I was super excited to join! It's the Common Threads Quilting Bee, and here is the gorgeous header:
It's a group of 13 quilters, and we each have a month (mine is May, 2009) where we send fabric out to everyone, and get blocks back! Rebekah has the first month, and sent out some gorgeous reds. I just posted a little blurb about myself there, so if you feel so inclined, head on over.

I'll be posting the blocks I make here, so at the very minimum, that will increase my blogging to once a month!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Super Corgi!

Lucy Flying
She really does love this frisbee. And I really am a bad frisbee thrower...

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Lucy's a bluie?

Oh my! Is Lucy a bluie? From the Palmetto Welsh Corgi Club website: This is a color fault in the Pembroke Welsh corgi, which means that whatever would naturally be black hair is actually a bluish grey. The pigment of the nose and around the eyes and mouth, as well, are a gun-metal grey, instead of the normal black.

Bluie Lucy?

Oh wait, that's just paint from my walls! Silly Lucy. You are a cutie though (see the sticker on her head?)