Saturday, March 31, 2007

Clutch Performance

So today is the last day of March. Nothing exciting is happening, except that it is the last day to finish my March In Stitches Sew Along project. This month we are making the Clutch Handbag with Fabric Flower. After making the Weekender Bag, I had expected this bag to be pretty difficult. I was pleasantly surprised.

Clutch Handbag with Fabric Flower
There is a divider on the inside. I must really stink at working with Timtex. Everytime I do something with Timtex it turns out wonky. In this case, the divider on the inside is a little bit big, so instead of being straight it bends a little. I hide this by stuffing all the excess into the corners... It doesn't stay like that for long though...

Inside of Clutch with Fabric Flower
The only modifications that I did was to add the strap and to make the velcro closure a magnetic snap. Oh, and I left out the flower.

March 31, 2007
I liked how it turned out, but as a clutch, it's HUGE! I'm glad I added the straps.


beki said...

How cute! I love the fabric you used :)

Oiyi said...

Very pretty fabric. It looks really good!

Corrie said...

oh how lovely! it looks gorgeous and the fabric.....perfect!

love your quilts too....