Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Tutto to the rescue!

It came!! My new Tutto bag to carry around my Janome 6600P. And just in time, I have a machine applique class tonight at the Granary. It's super nice, with TONS of pockets. My machine is huge so it pretty much fills up the large size bag. The straps are nice to secure it down. I love it! Sorry I haven't been posting lately, I will be better in the coming week. I have at least one project that is almost complete! The In Stitches deadline for March is coming up too... Oy I'm so behind!

March 26, 2007


Oiyi said...

That is a really nice bag. The color is great! Did you purchase it online?

Lynn said...

Hi Oiyi! I did purchase it online. Here's the
. It's expensive but I used it last night to lug my big machine to a class, and ohmygoodness it's wonderful.

Liesl said...

I'm considering the bag myself, but I'm so sad that you can't take it on a plane with you. That would be the coolest thing ever! Lynn, did you know that you can adjust the speed of your machine? You mentioned in your comment on my blog that it's really fast. You can change that with the lever at the front. Cheers!