Saturday, March 3, 2007


After looking at all the gorgeous projects in the In Stitches Sew Along, I followed a link to Make It Snappy's Blog. There I found this post about a grab bag and I knew I had to have it. After running out and finding the magazine, I found made this version for Ping:

Front of Grab Bag

Not half bad, huh? There are a few things I would change for next time, but overall I'm pretty happy with it. Here are some more shots:

Back shot of Ping's Grab Bag

The lining + pocket:

Ping's Grab Bag lining + pocket


Flattened Grab Bag

This bag is interesting in that it has handles of two different lengths. You stuff the longer one into the shorter one to make a wristlet sort of thing. I already have fabrics cut out for a version for me!


meg said...

It looks great, Lynn! I love your choice of fabrics.

Oiyi said...

I love the bag. It's very cute. I just got a sewing machine so I am a newbie. Perhaps I can work my way up to a bag soon.

Lynn said...

meg - thanks! My sister chose the fabrics from my stash, so I guess I can take credit for the choice of fabrics. The bag was pretty easy to make once I decided to read the directions!

oiyi - I'm so glad you got a sewing machine! This particular bag is easy, so I'm sure you'll be up to speed soon! Also, I LOVE your ripple blanket
and I think everyone should go see it!

Oiyi said...

Do you think that this issue of the magazine is still out? I would love to get the pattern for it. I might make a stop at Barnes and Nobles today to see if I can still find it.

Thank you. I am sure your Ripple Blanket will be fantastic, too.

Lynn said...

Hi Oiyi,
You probably could find it somewhere cheap, but I don't think it's displayed anymore. The front of the magazine says display until February 27th! I will keep a look out for you though!

Oiyi said...

Thanks, Lynn! Let me know if you do come across it. The Spring issue is now displayed so I am out of luck. :-(