Thursday, May 31, 2007


Ok, well so it's been 10 days since I've last posted, and I have no finished things to show. I went to San Diego last weekend with most of my college roommates + a few extras, and it was super super fun. Justin made this fabulous collage of us:
Flanthrower kindly tagged me to list seven random things about myself and then tag seven other people. I LOVE that she tagged me (I love these things!) but I hate tagging people. Except family members. I feel less bad about that. So I'll comply with the first half. Sorry, I'm a big fat dead end!

1. I LOVE eating with spoons. Even more than eating for sporks.

2. I was once asked if I was Indian when I was in band camp in Illinois. Thinking back, I'm not sure if they meant Native American or Asian Indian. I was also asked if I was Mongolian in high school. I'm Chinese.

3. When I was younger, I used to dream of being a grocery store check out person. To the point that I learned how to efficiently use the number pad using Mavis Beacon Typing.

4. I have been craving Spaghetti for the last month. But I am just too lazy to pick up ingredients at the grocery store.

5. I do not like deviating from the rules. I will follow sewing patterns exactly, minus skill level (reading the directions before I start, of course), and same applies to cooking. Unfortunately, experimenting by coloring out of the lines does not come naturally to me.

6. I don't like hats because they make my forehead itch.

7. I think I have 10 pairs of flip flops. I really only use 1 or 2 pairs, but I can't bear to throw the rest away. They've been so good to me!

And Kristine, you're tagged. Haha.

And here is a link to links for skirt and dresses from thimble's site (great site! This is where I first saw the pattern for the blue hat for thing 1/thing 2), some of them look fabulous. I was going to give up on skirt #3, but Dacia Ray's skirt tutorial looks so easy and fun (and perfect for what I was looking for) that I may just sneak it in tonight! We shall see....


Chris said...

Am I just a "few extra" to you?!

sulu-design said...

Cute list. I have strong utensil preferences, too - salad (not dinner) fork for everything. Also, I just parted with several pairs of flip flops, and have found myself looking for them several times in the past few days only to recall that I got rid of them. Good for you for hanging on to 'em!

flanthrower said...

Lol! I have the same problem with my flip flops. I had to throw out my all time favorite pair last summer. I'd had them for 6 or 7 years. A year later and I still miss them.

Justin said...

You should sell stuff at the flea market.