Monday, November 17, 2008

NaBloPoMo: Day 17

Lucy sitting pretty
Bleh. I did not like how that quilt turned out. So instead you get a funny photo of Lucy from yesterday. So the quilt I'm talking about is the twin to the blue and green quilt, but it had some "upgrades".

First, I added a border (the turtle fabric) and used the patchwork binding. Then I used Oh! Frasson's fantastic pattern to add minky to the back. Here's the problem... I didn't prewash the front, but I prewashed the back. So the beautiful minky was all baggy. I guess I have to do it once to really learn my lesson. Other than that, the quilt was ok. At least it will be super warm for the baby! And then I gave it away before I took photos of it... This quilt was full of ups and downs. I didn't particularly like making the quarter square triangles, but piecing them together was fine. Adding the border was fine. I had such a hard time machine quilting this one (just top and batting, no backing). But then doing a zig zag around the edges was fun, and adding the patchwork binding was fun too. Then the back came out baggy. It's really too bad that it ended up on the down side.

In the end, I am not sure if I will ever make another minky backed blanket. I did like this one, and I think my mistakes were obvious enough that the next one will turn out well. But honestly, I like the cute backing fabrics! And if I was a baby with a minky blanket, I think I would be hot!


Ivy@PaperElixir said...

Sorry the quilt didn't turn out how you had hoped... I try to remind myself that creativity is all about trial and error (it's hard though when you're staring error in its face...) On the up side, Lucy's there to cheer you up! I can't get enough of her in her party outfit!! :D

jacquie said...

lucy is cuter than any quilt! sorry the quilt didn't turn out like you wanted. happens every once and awhile....even to the best of them!

JuLo said...

Sorry about your quilt, but yay about cute pictures of Lucy! She is so lovely. :) It's so frustrating when a small mistake ruins your whole project. Doh!

Did the pups get any puppy treats for their birthday? There's apparently a place sort of close by that makes doggy birthday cakes. I'm thinking I don't want to be that person...but I could always bake Theo something myself. ;)